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Small jobs
Big difference

There are so many ways you can join in with church life. Maybe giving your time is more feasible than giving money towards the work of the church. As they say, "every little helps".

At either church:

At St Giles':

At St Andrew's:

Behind the scenes:

See below for more information and if you would like more information or think you can help, please contact the church office.

Our welcome is so important. Remember what it felt like the first time you came to church? The basic qualification to be on this team is a Smile! Handing out the sheets or books, directing people to toilets, wheelchair ramps, baby changing facilities and generally making it all look like No Trouble At All are all advanced skills. If you are able, there's a little setting up to do before the service too.

Sunday Coffee
Join the rota and take turns to set up and serve tea, coffee and the all-important biscuits before or after the service, depending on the venue and occasion. You're never alone when you're holding a teapot!

Cleaning & Holy Dusters
We only have a few paid cleaning hours for the toilets and high traffic areas at St Andrew's (which is used by commercial hirers) and none at all at St Giles', so we have a rota of people to clean for a couple of hours a week to keep both our churches spick and span. Whether you can help out once a month or once a term, your contribution would be much appreciated.

At St Giles' there is a mixture of dusting, hoovering and (less frequently) brass polishing.

At St Andrew's it's a matter of mopping, hoovering, sweeping and window cleaning and going over the two kitchens between hires.

Flower Arranging
In most seasons, we love to have fresh flowers at both churches - more complex arrangements at St Giles', including some wedding flowers and a simple vase or two at St Andrew's. If you can help in any way, please get in touch.

Worship Team & Choir
Love to sing? Play an instrument? Always wanted to be in a choir?

At St Giles', we have a traditional robed choir for both morning and evening Sunday services, led by the organ. Choir practice is held at 5pm on Sundays (except 1st Sunday of the month) and you would be most welcome to join in, whatever type of voice you have, whether you can read music or learn by ear, you are young, old or in-between.

At St Andrew's, we use a combination of live and recorded music for our worship time and are always ready to welcome new members, whatever their talent. If you have experience of leading worship, even better. Come and raise the roof with us!

For Christmas services and some other events, we hold practices at various times to get as many people as possible to join in and fill the place with joyous sound.

The Reapers
Not at all Grim, our Reapers mow and trim the beautiful churchyard at St Giles' and keep the outside of St Andrews looking neat, alongside our Caretaker. There are jobs for all abilities and garden experience and it's a jolly atmosphere with coffee and doughnuts at the end of the session. We can provide tools, guidance and a gentle ribbing if you miss a bit!

We meet every other Saturday from 9-11am during the "growing season" and open and close the season with an "all hands on deck" invitation to tidy up ready for Mother's Day (or the first wedding of the season, which ever comes first) and again for a Great Rake Off in the autumn.

To find out when we are next Reaping, contact the office.

St Giles' is one of few remaining churches with a full peal of bells and as such is a great place to learn this ancient, physically and mentally demanding skill. You can hear the bells across the village, as we practice on a Wednesday evening and ring for Evensong on Sundays. Better still, come and make the sound with us! More information (on the Parish Council website).

Bacon Sandwiches
On the first Sunday of the month at St Andrew's, we love to offer bacon, sausage and veggie rolls to kick off our All-age service. Helping with the cooking means rolling up about 9am for a 10.45 service but it's well worth it!

Audio Visual Tech Team
If you can operate a Powerpoint presentation or have an ear for good sound quality, come and join the Techies in the Box. We can teach you all you need to know to keep the show on the road.

The Coffee Shop
We are always looking to add to the ranks of our volunteers, whether you would like a regular stint, or have an occasional afternoon spare. You can fulfill your Duke of Edinburgh Award service requirements with us or fit in with school or ballet pick ups. More information about the Coffee Shop.

Taking items to SHOC
We collect various food and clothing items and periodically, members of the church take these into Slough to SHOC's day centre, where they are gratefully received by the staff and centre users. A small job that makes a big difference. Find out more about SHOC.

Giving lifts to church services and events
If you would be able to offer the occasional or regular lift to someone who has difficulty getting to church or other events throughout the year, please get in touch. Another small job that makes a big difference.