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Why not try some family activities throughout Lent? Click on the picture below to download a PDF version.

Lent Activity Sheet

LIVE LENT Lunchtimes

Live Lent booklet   Living His Story cover

LENT lunchtimes

Each Wednesday at midday throughout Lent, in LIVE LENT Lunchtimes, Natasha will be taking us through some elements of this booklet "LIVE LENT: God's Story Our Story", based on the paperback "Living His Story". This is a 20 minute service of the word, taking time to reflect, pray and pause on our journey to Easter.
You can watch live at midday at 
or any time later at 
or our Podcast page

Questions about how to watch?


LIVE LENT Lunchtime Service Sheet (same for each week)

ash cross

Ash Wednesday 17th February

Our Ash Wednesday Service will be the first of our LIVE LENT Lunchtimes.

daisyMothering Sunday 14th March

Celebrating via Zoom and Facebook Live at 10.30am, mirroring what we would do in St Giles'. Small posies of flowers will be delivered to doorsteps around the village early in the morning.

Love God Love People square loHoly Week 28th March - 4th April

As well as daily posts on Facebook, Instagram and via email in Holy Week, we will have the final LIVE LENT Lunchtime on Wednesday 31st March.

palm leafPalm Sunday 28th March

Our Morning Prayer podcast will have a Palm Sunday theme and at 4pm, we'll be live on Zoom for a Family Service. A chance to rejoice and glimpse new hope and new life as we celebrate virtually, King Jesus entering our lives, with an hallelujah and a shout, waving our palm crosses to one another across our screens.

hands clipartMaundy Thursday 1st April

Natasha will lead us in reflection and prayers via Zoom and Facebook Live at 7.30pm

3 crossesGood Friday 2nd April

Our traditional Good Friday gathering will take place via Zoom and Facebook Live at 10.30am


tombEaster Sunday 4th April

Please pray that we can meet in person by Easter Sunday - our plans will be shared as government guidelines allow.

Facebook Live FAQs

I don't have a Facebook account, can I still watch?
Yes! You don't need a Facebook account to watch, just use the link at midday on a Wednesday and this will take you to the Videos page of the church facebook account, where you will see LIVE LENT Lunchtimes in one of the boxes. 

I can't watch at midday, can I still join? What if I'm a bit late?
If you join in while Natasha is still live, you will join part way through, but you won't be disturbing anyone. If you arrive after the live stream has finished, you can start it from the beginning.

Will anyone else be able to see that I am watching?
Not unless you are logged in to Facebook and then only Natasha will be able to see the names of people logged in.

I would like to comment during the Livestream - can I do that?
If you are logged in to Facebook, you will be able to comment and anyone watching will be able to read this.

How can the service be on Zoom and Facebook Live at the same time?
If you have joined one of our Zoom services already, you will be familiar with the way you can choose whether to see the Presenter only (plus the things shared on screen and audio) or everyone in a gallery of windows. The people watching through Facebook Live will only be able to see the Presenter and their shared screen/audio, not everyone else and this will be the video saved for later viewing.

Heather McDowell, 25/01/2021