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Store Cupboard &
Good Neighbour Scheme 

To support those in need during this third lockdown, the Store Cupboard and Good Neighbour Scheme are coordinating two separate services. Please contact the relevant email or phone number depending on the circumstances.

Update 5th January

The Store Cupboard will be re-opening on 7th January and is currently pretty well stocked with long date items, however we could do with a top up of the following please:
Tea, coffee, sugar, squash, cereals, crisps, tinned meat and fish, pasta sauce, tinned veg, custard, rice pudding, tinned fruit, chocolate biscuits eg Kit Kats.

Store Cupboard web page Jan 20

Proverbs CoursePROVERBS (1)

New Year… New Opportunity

Jeff, Tina and Simon’s Lifegroup will be running a new course on Zoom, starting on 21st January, and they have 4 spaces for others to join in.
The course is called “Proverbs – wisdom for the whole of life” and is one of a series of books from LICC (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) which has provided enjoyable and useful material in previous studies. There is an emphasis on applying the study to daily life.
It will run from 8.00 - 9.30pm via Zoom for 6 Thursdays, within the regular Life Group sessions, which include catch up and prayer for each other.
Participants will need to be confident in the use of Zoom and will need to read each week’s chapter of the book in advance of each session to get the most out of the course. If people are not confident with Zoom or we have too many people, it is possible to use the book for private study – we have ordered spares!
Please contact courses@stokepogeschurch.org to request a space.


Heather McDowell, 07/11/2020