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We believe and trust in one God, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

It forms the heart of our faith. As an Anglican church in the village of Stoke Poges we truly believe that Jesus is God’s Son and as such He reveals to us that God is our Father, and that God is available to us through the Holy Spirit. Therefore we Love God & Love People, and invite you to come and join us.
The Christian faith is not a human invention. There are signs of God’s existence and handiwork in creation for anyone to read (Acts 14.15–17). But we believe that God has made himself known to us through divinely inspired scripture; the bible, and revealed himself most clearly through His Son … Jesus.  We believe Jesus Christ as God became human for us, dying on the cross so that we can become children of God.

As three in one, God has personally made himself known to each believer by sending the Holy Spirit empowering and enabling all believers to live grace filled lives for God’s glory each and every day. Therefore what we believe is anchored in Spirit and in Truth. The out-workings of which forms our Vision, Values, & Mission … 

Our Vision is to … take the greatest commandments to Love God & Love People most seriously.

To do that …

we Value … people, which means that we, as a church community, strive to be:
                                                                        and prayerful

therefore … in Mission

  • we worship together as one church with two worship centres, inviting all to come and journey with us
  • we grow together in fellowship & faith by sharing our lives with one another, being discipled in small groups and by reaching out to our local community in evangelism and acts of love
  • we seek to be a blessing to all we meet in our daily lives through serving, listening  and walk alongside people sharing God’s grace generously
  • we provide places of meeting, community and contemplation through both our buildings at St Giles, and St Andrews

If you want to explore more … come and visit us … journey with us. Taste and see that the LORD is good.’ Ps.34.8